Criyagen Agri & Biotech Pvt.Ltd. is pioneer in developing innovative products for comprehensive crop production. We are one of the largest producer of Bio-chemical fertilizer, Bio fertilizer, PROM and Bio control agents. Our products are suitable for all cropping conditions around the world to improve crop productivity and soil health. Our products tailered/designed to produce more crop yield per unit area while improving the eco system and bringing sustainability to agriculture. Currently we are catering to the domestic markets and few countries around the world.

We at Criyagen believe agriculture scientific information belongs to farmers, in this endeavour we have launched an innovative mobile base AgriApp to revolutionize agriculture extension and information sharing related to crop production & protection. Criyagen Agri App enables users to access all information related to crops from sowing till harvesting and also to chat with experts to get solutions to practical problems faced by farmers in the field.

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