Activities under Art of Agriculture

  • Imparting basic agricultural science knowledge to the farmers.
  • Training farmers for sustainable crop production on regular basis from various parts of the state.
  • Creating virtual academy of farmers in the field of crop production who have achieved yield levels above national and international average.
  • Bringing information technology into agriculture by way of developing and providing applications for mobiles and other systems to manage crops.
  • Encouraging engineering and other professionals to take up agriculture as vocational activity.
  • Catalyzing integrated crop management system at the farmer field level.
  • Arranging field visit to the farmers’ field who have practically proven on the farm by integrated various means and methods in crop production.
  • Arranging agriculture tours for learning.
  • Conducting hands on training for aspiring agriculturist in the field of crop production.
  • Creating it as platform for dialogues and discoveries for new ways of crop production techniques.
  • Hybridizing farmer’s innovations with scientist’s innovation to make them economically viable, practically feasible and scientifically sound.

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