Criyagen Ventures

Criyagen is a life science company with the mission to deliver low cost, eco-friendly inputs for sustainable agriculture and develop carbon neutral energy means for better tomorrow.

Agriculture inputs

  • Enriched Fertilizers
  • Bio – Fertilizers
  • Crop Special Nutrients
  • Bio Pesticide
  • Innovative Products
  • Micronutrients

Bio Energy

Increasing energy prices, green house gas emission, and need for energy independence lead to the birth of economically viable and environmental sustainable new industry. Fueling the future with domestic resources is very important for the economy and creating the additional opportunities for the rural community. Using the vast amount of agricultural resources and biotechnological advances, we aim to make the energy independence a reality while creating the agrarian prosperity.

Art of Agriculture

Art-of-Agriculture at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore is working towards empowering the farmers with information, providing sustainable products, researching on alternate use of agriculture inputs and production modules.

Art-of-Agriculture is emphasizing need for enterprising new ideas and taking them to farming communities to make meaningful impact in the farm sector.

These new initiatives can only become successful with effort from farmers, institutions, departments, Agri-Business entities, Agri-Prenuers and policy makers.

Activities under Art of Agriculture

  • Imparting basic agricultural science knowledge to the farmers.
  • Training farmers for sustainable crop production on regular basis from various parts of the state.
  • Creating virtual academy of farmers in the field of crop production who have achieved yield levels above national and international average.
  • Bringing information technology into agriculture by way of developing and providing applications for mobiles and other systems to manage crops.
  • Encouraging engineering and other professionals to take up agriculture as vocational activity.
  • Catalyzing integrated crop management system at the farmer field level.
  • Arranging field visit to the farmers’ field who have practically proven on the farm by integrated various means and methods in crop production.
  • Arranging agriculture tours for learning.
  • Conducting hands on training for aspiring agriculturist in the field of crop production.
  • Creating it as platform for dialogues and discoveries for new ways of crop production techniques.
  • Hybridizing farmer’s innovations with scientist’s innovation to make them economically viable, practically feasible and scientifically sound.