Aspergillus awamori

Bio-Composter Produces organic acids and enzymes that helps to solubilize the feed phong into exchangeable from and make it available for plants. It degrades the organic wand provides nutrients to the plant.

Active Ingredient

Aspergillus awamori: CFU: 1 x 108 CFU/gm min


  • Bio-Composter enhances the potash uptake in plants leading to higher productivity
  • Bio-Composter improves the uptake of nutrients
  • Bio-Composter helps in yield enhancement by comprehensive crop nutrition

Dosage: 1 kg/acre

Method of Application

Soil application

Mix one container of Bio-Composter with 100 kg of compost and broadcast in the future transplant/sowing and irrigate immediately

Drip irrigation

Dilute one container of Bio-Composter in 100 litters of water and apply through diagn before transplant/sowing

Seed treatment:

Mix one container of Bio-Compost er in 1/2 kg of jaggery solution and mix the seeds required for an acre or as per seed rate.

Seedling dip

Dilute one container of Bio-Composter in 5-10 litters water keep seedling roots in immersed for 30 mins and transfer to the field

Crops: Suitable for all crops

Compatible with all other agrochemicals

Packing Size: 1 kg