Smart Cane

India holds the title of being the world’s second-largest sugarcane grower. The amount of area used for sugarcane cultivation and crop production are out of range. Farmers have been introduced with SMARCANE agriculture, a unique approach, as a means of resolving this issue and increasing output. This strategy seeks to maximize field output in order to enhance yields from the same quantity of land. Farmers will be able to boost global sugarcane production as an outcome. By implementing SMARCANE agriculture, Criyagen aims to increase sugarcane production while ensuring the industry’s long-term growth.

Ushering a Sweet Revolution in sugarcane cultivation! Our innovative concept was born from implementing Precision Agriculture with the aid of smart technologies. We aim to maximize productivity and sustainability by producing 2.5 kilograms of cane per square foot annually, while ensuring profitability.
Precision agriculture lies at the core of SMARTCANE, minimizing wastage of farm inputs and optimizing resource utilization through smart technologies. By precisely managing resources such as land, water, sunlight, fertilizers, and time, we eliminate unnecessary costs and maximize returns.

Smartcane Mathematics

Consider one acre, equivalent to 43,560 square feet. With our smart seedling spacing of 5′ x 2′ (10 square feet per plant), we can accommodate 4,356 smart seedlings in one acre. Each plant yields 10 tillers, resulting in a total of 43,560 tillers per acre. Impressive, isn’t it?
Furthermore, our cane weight averages 2.5 kilograms, leading to a remarkable yield of 1,08,900 kilograms (over 100 metric tons) per acre.

To achieve these outstanding results, SMARTCANE incorporates various components, each designed to optimize sugarcane cultivation. Our components include SMART SEEDLINGS, SMART NUTRITION, SMART SPRAYING, SMART MONITORING, SMART SPACING, and SMART IRRIGATION.

Join us in revolutionizing the sugarcane industry with SMARTCANE, where technology and precision agriculture merge to create a sustainable and profitable future. Experience the power of smart technologies and witness the sweet success it brings to sugarcane cultivation.

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