(Nitrogen Fixing Bio fertilizer)

Bio-N is formulation of nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azospirillum sp.). Azospirillumfixes atmospheric nitrogen into available form and provides to the plant which enhances the soil-water-plant relations and soil health.

Active ingredient

  • Azospirillum sp. (liquid based) – 1 x 108 CFU/ml min.
  • Azospirillum sp.(Carrier based) – 5 x 107 CFU/gm min

Special Features

  • Fixatmosphericnitrogencontinuouslytoanextent of 20-30 kg per hectare per year.
  • Provide nitrogen through out the crop life cycle by Biological Nitrogen Fixation.
  •  It produces growth promoting hormones such as IAA, GA and cytokinins which enhance crop growth.
  • Helps in yield enhancement by comprehensive crop nutrition.
  • Increase yield by 20 to 25%

Dosage & Application

  • Solid based: 1kg/acre; Liquid based: 1litre/acre

Packing Size

1kg and 1litre

Compatible with all other agrochemicals