Liquid Based Bio fertilizer Consortia

BIO-NPK is a microbial formulation containing strains of bacteria which are able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes phosphate and potash into available form, thereby supplementing balanced nutrition to the crops. It converts non available forms of micro nutrients into available form.


  • Azospirillum Sp. – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (5 x 107 CFU/ml) min. Pseudomonas Sp. – Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (5 x 107CFU/ml) min. Frateuria Sp. – Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (5 x 107 CFU/ml)min.
  • Total Viable count of all the biofertilizer organisms in the product (5 x 108 CFU/ml) min.

Special features

  • Improves crop yield by 20 to 25%.
  • Can reduce chemical fertilizer use by 20%.
  • Improves soil fertility by increasing the number of useful microbes in rhizosphere.
  • Helps in building immunity in plant against disease and pest by secreting antagonistic compounds.
  • Helps to fix atmospheric Nitrogen continuously to the extent of 50 kg per hectare.
  • Solubilizes insoluble Phosphates in rhizosphere which helps for crop growth and development.
  • Mobilizes Potash from soil and makes it available to the plant throughout its growth stage.

Dosage and Application

  • Soil application : Mix 3 liter of Bio-NPK with 50 kg vermicompost/FYM and spread to one acre field just before sowing.
  • Drip application: Mix 3 liter of Bio-NPK in 100 liters of water and apply through drip irrigation.

Packing Size

3 Litre

Suitable for all crops compatible with all other agrochemicals