Phosphate Solubilizing Bio fertilizer

Bio-P is a formulation of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB). PSB helps in solubilizing the fixed Phosphorous to available form and hence provides readily available phosphate for the plant.

Active Ingredient

  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria(liquid based) – 1x 108 CFU/ml min.
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (Solid based)- 5x 107 CFU/gm min.

Special features

  • Bio-P releases immobilized phosphates from root zone.
  • Bio-P improves uptake of mineral phosphates.
  • Bio-P helps in yield enhancement by comprehensive crop nutrition.
  • Bio-P produces many plant growth promoting hormones.
  • Bio-P increases yield by 15-25%.

Dosage and Application

  • Solid based: 1kg/acre; Liquid based: 1litre/acre

Packing Size

1kg and 1litre

Suitable for all crops compatible with all other agrochemicals