Bio-Phosphate is a combination of Rock Phosphate and Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms (PSMs). PSMs ensures the continuous supply of available Phosphorous in the soil and throughout the crop season by solubilizing unavailable P from the Rock Phosphate.


  • Total Phosphorous – 15 % min.
  • Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms
  • Phosphate solubilizing Bacteria – 5 x 107 CFU/g min.
  • Phosphate Solubilizing Fungus – 1 x 106 CFU/g min.
  • Bio stimulants and beneficial nutrients – 2 % min.
  • Carrier material – q.s

Special Features

  • Continuous supply of Phosphorous nutrient to crops throughout the crop season
  • Promotes initial vigour of the seedlings through bio stimulant activity
  • Reduces application of Phosphatic fertilizers up to 30 to 40%
  • Supply secondary nutrient Calcium and beneficial nutrient Silicon Economical, safe and eco-friendly product and good at INM

Dosage & Application

  • 50-100kg/acre

Packing Size


Basal application: 50-100kg/acre for short duration crops, 100-150kg/acre for annual crops/perennial crops.

Suitable for all crops compatible with all other agrochemicals