Botanical including Seaweed

Bio-Tab is a sea weed extract which is natural biostimulant and completely water soluble product.  It enhances plant growth by promoting plant hormones which increases crop yield.


  •  Sea weed extract : 50%
  •  Nutrients & Growth Booster : 2.5 %
  •  Filler materials : q.s

Special Features

  •  It enhances plant hormones like cytokinin’s and auxins by cell division and elongation.
  •  It stimulates the growth and activity of selective micro-organisms.
  •  It energizes the plant metabolism.
  •  It helps in biotic and abiotic stress conditions.
  •  It minimizes 1-2 irrigation in drought conditions.
  •  It is used for flower and fruit setting

Dosage & Application

  • Foliar spray: 1 tablet /2 liter, spray before flowering and after flowering

Packing Size

1 Box

Suitable for all crops and compatible with all other agrochemicals