Boran is Excluse water soluble micronutrient fertilizer which plays a vital role in all the stages of plant’s Growth & Development. It is necessary for the essential function of crops like Cellular division, pollination, fruit setting, translocation of sugars and other plant metabolites.


Boron -20%

Special futures

  • Improves germination,
  • Improving Metabolic processes in plants.
  • Enhance Stimulate Flowering and seeds setting
  • Enhance fruit setting
  • Improve size and shape of fruits.
  • Correct leaf distortion, cracking, rotting of fruits and death of growing plants

Dosage: 1 to 1.5 %

Method of application

Dissolve 200 grams in 150-200 litters of water and spray over one acre of crop.
Give 2 to 3 sprays at 15 to 20 days intervals at the flowering/fruit setting stage.
It is also suitable for soil application, either through direct application or by mixing in water.

Crops: Suitable for all crops

Packing:  1 kg