Ferrous sulphate is water soluble micro nutrient fertilizer, it provide iron to plant they need to make chlorophyll. It helps to correct this deficiency and improve plant health and growth.


Iron -19%

Special futures

  • Iron is important in photosynthesis and is also involved in carbohydrate breakdown in mitochondria
  • Application of Ferrous Sulphate gives normal growth and high quality yields.
  • Ferrous sulphate is a widely used soil amendment that is used to correct iron deficiency in plants.

Dosage: 10 kg/ac

Method of application

Foliar Spray: Dissolve 2.5 gm in liter of water and spray liberally on both surfaces of the leaves

Soil Application: Apply 10 kg of Ferrous Sulphate per acre for all crops

Crops: Suitable for all crops

Packing:  1 kg