Protein Hydrolysates and Aminoacid

Magic is a foliar form of innovative product, which provides organic nutrient and essential minerals to the plant for enhanced growth and development. It helps in supplying balanced nutrients to crops while increasing crop yield. Magic provides power packed major nutrients with organic matrix and trace elements for crop vitality. It is wonderful regimen for INM with high bio-availability with quick correction of nutrient deficiencies. It is most eco-friendly foliar tonic with no ugly residual effects.


  • Protein Hydrolysates & Amino acids: 20%
  • Mineral nutrients & Growth booster: 35%
  • Filler material: q.s

Special Features

  •  Improves vegetative and reproductive growth of the crop.
  •  Helps in correcting nutrient deficiency at critical stages of crops.
  •  Helps in better quality produce and higher yield.
  •  It is bio available, sustainable, and environment-friendly.
  •  Compatible with all organic and inorganic fertilizers as part of INM.

Dosage & Application

  •  First spray: 10-15 days before flowering.
  •  Second spray: 10-15 days after the flowering.
  •  Drip & Sprinkler irrigation : 1kg per acre with sufficient quantity of water.

Packing Size


Suitable for all crops and compatible with all other agrochemicals