Azadirachtin 0.15% E. C. (1500 ppm) Biopesticide

Neem Oil is a Neem based Botanical pesticide containing 1500 ppm of Azadirachtin which is majorly used for control of crop pests.

Chemical Composition

  • Neem Seed Kernel: 60% w/w
  • Extract in solvent Methanol containing Min. 0.15% Azadirachtin Emulsifier(Polysorbate 20): 5% w/w
  • Treated Neem Oil 35% w/w
  • Total: 100.00% w/w

Special Features

  •  It is a broad spectrum botanical pesticide.
  •  It act as growth retardant, antifeedant, repellent, moulting inhibitor and anti-oviposition.
  •  Extremely safe to non-targeted organisms.
  •  Eco- Friendly Pesticide.
  •  Reduces the need of chemical insecticides.

Dosage and application

  • Dissolve 3-4ml per lit of water and spray uniformly over the crop. Sprays based on the pest incidence.


500ml & 1000ml.

Compatible with all other agrochemicals