Soil Application, Grade-II (1)

Nutri Plus is multi-nutrient mixture which supply very essential secondary and micronutrients for healthy growth of the crop. This can be used for all types of crops.


  • MgSO4 – (Mg-9.6%, S-12%)
  • ZnSO4 – (Zn-33%, S-15%)
  • FeSO4 – (Fe-19%, S-10.5%)
  • Manganese (Mn – 30.5%)
  • Boron (B – 20%)

Special Features

  • Increase nutrient use efficiency
  • Correct the reddening of leaves in crops
  • Controls the flower drops and enhance the fruit setting
  • Good source of all micronutrients required for best yield

Dosage and Application

  • Soil application: 10-25 Kg/acre


  • 10 Kg
Crops: Suitable for all crops