Potassium Humate

Humic and Fluvic acid derivatives

Potassium Humate is a plant nourishing water soluble product, which help in vigorous root development and better yield.


  •  Humic & Fulvic acid & their derivatives : 50%
  •  Potassium : 5%
  •  Filler Material : q.s

Special Features

  • Improves root proliferation, root growth and better rhizosphere establishment.
  • Improves nutrient uptake by enhancing bio- availability of elements.
  • Improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.
  • Act as a chelating agent.
  • Helps in building resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Help plant endure environmental stresses.
  • Promotes flowering and fruit setting, resulting in higher yield and better quality of  crop produce.

Dosage & Application

  • Drip Irrigation: Dissolve 500 gm of Potassium Humate in 100 to 200 litre of water, stir well, filter thoroughly then apply through drip system to the crop/through drenching.
  • Soil application: Mix 500g of Potassium Humate with other fertilizers and broadcast over the field of 1 acre.
  • Time of application: During time of sowing /transplanting and 35-40 days after planting

Packing Size

500 gm & 1kg

Suitable for all crops and compatible with all other agrochemicals