Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Pseudomonas fluorescens is formulation of bio-control agent bacteria It has the ability to control soil borne bacterial diseases. Known to produce plant growth promoting hormones like IAA, GA and cytokinens.


  • Pseudomonas fluorescens -1 x 109 CFU/ml (Liquid Formulation).
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens -1 x 108 CFU/gm (Solid formulation).

Special features

  • Effective control of root rot, sheath blight, fruit rot, leaf spot, wilts, pod rot and paddy blast.
  • Promotes root development and vegetative growth.

Dosage & application

  • Drip Irrigation: Mix 1 liter of container in 100 liters of water and apply using drip irrigation system.
  • Soil Application: Mix 5 kg or 1 liter of container with 100kg compost incubate for 4 days and apply to the one acre field.
  • Seedling (Root Dipping): Mix 1 liter or 2 kg of container in 10 liters of water, keep the seedling roots in immersed condition for 30 minutes and transfer it to the field.
  • Soil Drenching: Mix 5kg or 1 liter of container in 100-200 liters of water and drench 500ml solution near root zone of crop.