Super Six

Power of Six Nutrient

Complete micronutrient with 100% water soluble

Super six is a comprehensive mixture of complete crop nourishing nutrients available in one pack. It gives complete health to crops and increase yield effectively.


  • MgSO4 – (Mg-9.6%, S-12%)
  • ZnSO4 – (Zn-33%, S-15%)
  • FeSO4 – (Fe-19%, S-10.5%)
  • Manganese (Mn – 30.5%)
  • Potassium Humate (K2O – 10%, Humic acid – 60%)

Special features

  • Increase the overall growth and development of crop
  • Correct the deficiency showed by crops in different stages
  • Increases environmental stress and drought tolerating ability of the crop.
  • Increases yield by 15-20 % and improves soil health

Dosage and Application

  • Soil Application: 25 kg -50 kg/ acre at the time of sowing or transplanting.


  • 25 Kg