Total-20 WSG

Total-20 WSG” is a comprehensive proprietary Bio-stimulant plant nourishing water soluble grade formulation with the combination of protein hydrolysates, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acids and other derivatives, which consisting of all essential and beneficial mineral nutrients. It is formulated on the basis of scientific crop nutrition for all the elements in the right proportions and to avoid multi-nutrient deficiencies. Application of Total-20 WSG brings increased crop yield, quality and total crop performance.


  • Protein hydrolysates and amino acids : 1%
  • Humic and fulvic acid and their derivatives : 0.10%
  • Essential mineral nutrients and growth boosters : 45%

Special Features

  • Formulation based on both organic and inorganic sources with science of nutrition.
  • Supplies all 20 essential and beneficial nutrients.
  • Most innovative water soluble ready to use multi nutrient bio stimulant product.
  • Increases the crop yield by 20 to 25%.
  • Strengthen the crop under various biotic and abiotic stresses through complete nutrition.
  • Ameliorates multi-nutrient deficiency problems very quickly.

Dosage & Application

  • 20kg/acre, During vegetative and flowering stage (25 days after transplanting)
  • Dissolve 5 Kg Total-20 WSG in 200 litres of water, stir well, filter thoroughly then apply through drip system to the crop.

Packing Size

1kg and 1litre

  • Suitable for all crops


  1. Do not mix and irrigate Total-20 WSG along with other water-soluble fertilizers.
  2. Total-20 WSG has to be fertigated in between days of other recommended water-soluble fertilizers.