Zen Bio-Fertilizer

Power of 5 Trillion Microbes for Crop Nutrition

(Carrier Based consortia Biofertilizer)


Zen is a microbial formulation containing strains of bacteria which are able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes phosphate and potash into available form, thereby supplementing balanced nutrition to the crops. It converts non available forms of micro nutrients into available form.

Special Features

  • Zen-Bio fertilizer fixes >25 kg/acre of nitrogen, releases 15 kg/acre immobilized phosphates from root zone & increases 20 kg/acre potash availability to
  • Zen-Bio fertilizer helps in yield enhancement by comprehensive crop
  • Zen-Bio fertilizer increases yield by 20-25%.
  • Zen-Bio fertilizer improves the plant immune system and water stress tolerance.

Active Ingredient

  • Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (Azospirillum Sp. ) – 1×1012 CFU/g
  • Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria -1×1012 CFU/g
  • Potash Mobilizing Bacteria -1×1012 CFU/g

Dosage and Application

  • Soil Application: Mix granules from the container uniformly along with NPK (chemical) or organic fertilizers of 50 kg (1 or 2 bags). Apply to the crop while sowing or top dressing.
  • Drenching: Mix granules from the container in 10 liters of pure/potable water, stir twice, keep it overnight, dilute it to 100 liters and drench the solution near root zone of crop.
  • Drip Irrigation: Dissolve the granules in 100 litre of pure water and keep it over night for activation, stir well, filter thoroughly, then apply through drip system to the crop.
  • Seed treatment: Mix 5 g of Zen Bio-Fertilizer per kg of seeds uniformly and sow the seeds along with Zen Bio-Fertilizer

Packing Size


Suitable for all crops compatible with all other agrochemicals