Zinc is an essential component for various enzymes for energy production in different crops. It regulates protein synthesis and growth in different crops. It prevent delayed maturity in crops.


Zinc: 33%

Special futures

  • Regulates various metabolic activities.
  • Involved in production of growth regulating plant hormones called Auxins.
  • Zinc is vital for photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Zinc Deficiency affects flowering and fruit development by prolonging the vegetative period and delaying maturity in lower yield with poor quality produce.
  • Zinc is very essential for both plants & human being’s growth & development.

Dosage: 5-6 kg/acre

Method of application

Soil application: 5-6 kg/acre

Foliar spray:   0.5 to 1 kg of Zinc Sulphate mixed with 1 kg of Lime prepared in 200 litre of water per acre. Repeat again after 10 days intervals if deficiency persists.

Crops: Suitable for all crops

Packing:  1 kg