Dr. Amitha Ganapathy B (PhD) –Asst. Vice President

Amitha Ganapathy B (Ph.D.) is Asst Vice President and Senior Scientist at Criyagen and AgriApp with 19+ years of experience. She is heading R&D and special business initiatives.

Prior to this, Amitha worked at E.I.D. Parry India Ltd (R&D center) and PJ Margo (R&D center) as a Scientist. She has vast experience in Agriculture Microbiology, Crop Nutrition, Crop Protection, and Organic Farming. She has extensive experience in product design, research, validation, development, and formulation, leading to launching. She is leading a team of application scientists at Criyagen and AgriApp to bring INM/IPM and Organic farming to sustainable and digital platforms. She is also a thought leader for “Happy Crops” on PaaS platform.

Her deep understanding of advanced biotechnology and precision farming techniques allows us to deliver innovative solutions that optimize crop productivity and resource utilization. She has also been very instrumental on handling the B2B Clientele and delivering the value to our clients.