The Rural Horticulture Work Experience Program

The Rural Horticulture Work Experience Program conducted for Horticulture Students at Avani village:

We are pleased to share that a successful Rural Horticulture Work Experience Program was recently conducted at Avani village. The program aimed to provide hands-on training and practical exposure to horticulture students. During the program, we had the opportunity to showcase our Criyagen Products in an exhibition, where we highlighted our specialized agriculture services designed to maximize farm production and foster innovation for higher productivity.

Our team explained the importance of microorganisms such as Trichoderma viridae, fraturia aurantia, pseudomonos, and Azospriloum, emphasizing their role in enriching soil fertility. We provided detailed explanations to the farmers about the benefits of using these microorganisms and how they can enhance the overall health and productivity of their crops.

We are delighted to share that all the farmers present at the event were happy and convinced of the efficacy of our products and services. Their positive feedback and enthusiasm were a testament to the value our offerings bring to their agricultural practices.

The event was attended by esteemed individuals from Criyagen, including Dr. Jagdish Mittur, Mr. Manohar, Mr. Nandish, Mr. Rakshith, and Mr. Kiran, who actively participated and shared their expertise with over 80 farmers.

Overall, the Rural Horticulture Work Experience Program at Avani village was a resounding success, providing students with practical knowledge and farmers with valuable insights into improving their crop production. We remain committed to supporting and empowering the agricultural community with our innovative products and services in the future.

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