A high-performance culture is a culture in which employees perform well because they are engaged, valued, and continually learning. This gives their work a greater purpose, instilling in them a continuous improvement mindset and a dedication to the organization’s mission that drives performance. A high-performance culture is a set of behaviours and norms that leads an organization to achieve superior results.

In simple words, a culture that drives a high-performance organization, that achieves better financial and non-financial results (such as customer satisfaction, employee retention, etc.) than those of its peers over a long period of time.

A company culture is how and why things get done in an organization. When those behaviours and norms are aligned with organizational goals, customer needs, and employee priorities, the company is poised to achieve both financial results and other benefits, such as retaining and engaging employees.

We create a strong company culture, and recognize 10 measurable qualities of high-performance cultures:

Collaboration: Employees cooperate, share, and work well together.

Innovation: The company encourages new ideas, and individuals can move ideas through the organization.

Agility: The company responds and adapts to opportunities.

Communication: Employees send, receive, and understand the necessary information.

Support: Employees provide each other with the resources and guidance they need to be successful. They’re confident in company leadership.

Wellness: The company has the policies and resources to help people maintain physical and mental health.

Work Environment: The company has a comfortable workplace where people have the resources to be effective in their work.

Responsibility: Employees are accountable for their actions and have the independence to make decisions regarding their work.

Performance Focus: Employees know what determines success in their role, and they are rewarded or recognized for achievements.

Mission and Value Alignment: Employees know, understand, and believe in the company’s mission and values.

These qualities are very important for a high-performance culture and can provide guidance as we assess our company culture.

Employee engagement in the workplace is a significant consideration for us, and it has shown to impact our bottom line. Engagement is just one of many outcomes of a high-performance culture. It is the manifestation of these company culture attributes. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on understanding and strengthening our company culture as a means to increasing employee engagement and creating a happy, healthy workforce.

6 Top traits of a high-performance culture:

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