Criyagen R and D is mainly focused on solutions for sustainable agriculture for the benefit of farmer. To provide low cost- ecofriendly products for hassle free application. The young minds are completely focused on the new innovative products and its research process, product development from ideation to market launch, product improvement to give better version, quality assurance and control. The innovative products are the result of the constant improvement and the investment in our R&D department. We are working towards enterprising new ideas and taking them to domestic and global markets.

What is Criyagen Strength?

The R and D is the major strength of our company by bringing farmer friendly innovative products to the market.

The innovation leading to patent grant.

Products developed based on the farmer concerns and challenges.

Working towards soil health by providing INM inputs.

Bringing emergency technologies based on the farmer needs.

Working towards better and quality products for sustainable agriculture.

The innovation leading to Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), Integrated Disease Management (IDM), Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

How R and D alleviates Criyagen Business?

The R and D works on basic and applied research to bring new and emergency technologies for sustainable agriculture.

Woks with complete responsibility of product development from ideation to market launch (product prototype, research process, trials, easy production process, scalability, launch and adoption).

Giving newer and innovative products based on the need and target market.

Works on product improvement of existing products for better and efficient results.

R&D keeps business competitive by providing insights into the market.

The growth of the company depends largely on the R and D innovation. 

The research process which makes the easy manufacturing process with less time.

What is happening in Criyagen innovation?

Working on R and D innovative projects based on the national and global market needs to transform agriculture.

Working on the soil health and develop carbon neutral energy means for better tomorrow

Working on different range of organic fertilizers, biostimulants, biofertilizers, biopesticides, micronutrients, water soluble and other innovative products.

Based on the feedback of the products, filling the gaps to meet the farmer requirement

Revolutionizing the agriculture by developing emergency technologies as per the farmer requirement.

How Criyagen R and D working on the quality of the product?

The R and D takes the responsibility on the quality analysis process to make sure the quality is ensured. Every batch of the manufactured product is quality analysed and assured as per the standards.

The Quality process assures to maintain, improve the quality of the product and its process to ensure the standards as per the customer satisfaction.

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