Organic Farming Training

On Saturday, August 20th, the Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj National Memorial Committee (CSMNMC), New Delhi Branch Karnataka, and Kisan World Store collaborated to organize a one-day training session for farmers on organic farming. The event aimed to educate farmers about the benefits and practices of organic farming. Mr. M.K Milind Patil, the Vice President of CSMNMC, New Delhi, took the lead in providing training on organic farming techniques to the participating farmers. In addition to the training, the farmers were also given demo bags of DNP-G, a product related to organic farming. The event saw the active participation of notable individuals, including Mr. Purushottam Rao, Director of CSMNMC, New Delhi, Mr. Om Deshmukh, Vice President of ROMIF, India, New Delhi, and Mr. Rajesh S Chavan, Coordinator of CSMNMC, New Delhi. The event also saw the participation of esteemed individuals from Criyagen/AgriApp, including Dr. Nagarjun P, an agronomist, Ms. Ambika Narayan, Manager of Marketing Support, Mr. Sangram Khusape, handling Digital Strategy, Mr. Sudheer Kumar, serving as Digital Marketing Lead, Ms. Anjum Shaikh, MH Marketing Coordinator, and Ms. Pavithra K R and Ms. Kaveri A, both Zonal Coordinators. The training session proved to be an informative and valuable experience for the farmers, equipping them with knowledge and resources to embrace organic farming practices.

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