Planter Meeting

We would like to share with you the successful Coffee Planters Meeting held at Yaslur, Sakaleshpura Taluk, Hassan District. The meeting served as a platform for meaningful discussions and interactions between Criyagen and coffee planters, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in the agricultural community.

The event witnessed the participation of dedicated coffee planters, who actively engaged in discussions and expressed their valuable insights and experiences. We were delighted to present our range of innovative products, including DNP, DNPG, pH50, Biomaxx, Super6, Total20, Criyazyme, and Criyaneem, which have been specially designed to address the unique challenges faced by coffee growers.

The Coffee Planters Meeting provided an opportunity for planters to understand the benefits and effectiveness of our products in coffee cultivation. Our team members, along with experienced agronomists, shared valuable information on the application techniques, dosage recommendations, and long-term advantages of utilizing Criyagen’s solutions in coffee plantations.

We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation and positive response from the coffee planters. Their engagement and interest in adopting our products highlight the trust they place in Criyagen as a reliable partner in their farming journey.

The exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices during the meeting was invaluable. We believe that by fostering strong relationships with coffee planters, we can collaborate and work towards sustainable farming practices that enhance coffee quality, yield, and profitability.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the coffee planters who attended the meeting and shared their valuable insights. Your contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of coffee cultivation and strengthening the bond between Criyagen and the agricultural community.

Let us continue to support coffee planters with our expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to their success. Together, we can contribute to the growth and prosperity of the coffee industry.

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